VSM and profitability

VSM and profitability

Does VSM (Value Stream Map) maximise profitability? If it did, would that be the only lean tool most companies would use? Have those organisations that have used the VSM tool maximised their profits? Are there factors other than VSM that impact profitability? Have VSM’s in many places become more of wall papers? Why? Is VSM by itself sufficient to maximise … Read More

Disrupt Yourself

Eighteen years ago I had the most enviable job. Yes! Back then many people wanted my job because it had everything that anyone in a job would want (except my salary) – success, rich cash flow, profitable, successful JIT implementation, India’s first full and comprehensive lean transformation, vibrant factory highly productive, highly motivated workmen and staff, market leader, competition reduced … Read More

A culture of self-discipline

Organising the workplace (or Workplace Organisation – 5S) and maintaining it the way it should be, is a good work culture. Why then do we see variations? A good culture strives to improvise; a bad one creates inconsistency causing variations. So is 5S merely a housekeeping program? I don’t think so. A good housekeeping program will fall short of solving … Read More