Proven Results

Having added value to over a hundred organisations from thirty different and diverse industry segments, some of the results we have helped our clients produce are such as:

  • Cutting down order to delivery times by 20 – 80 %
  • Cutting down inventory by 20 – 75%
  • Performing at above 99% on-time delivery
  • Overall Cost reduction 10 – 60%
  • Permanent price reduction to customer – 30% (not discounts)
  • And much more

Extensive Hands-on Experience

We are the pioneers of Lean Manufacturing in India. Produced India’s first full and comprehensive lean factory. Twenty five years of successful lean manufacturing practice and more. Successful Lean turnaround cases in India and abroad done from the CEO’s chair. Going beyond mere Lean Tool implementation we specialise in cultural transformations assisting conventional organisations become lean. Our expertise stems from hands on experience and the word done so far across twenty eight industry segments.

Tailored Approach

Lean is an evolution process. Templated thinking does not work. There is NO singular universal lean manufacturing template that fits all and can be copied. We design and tailor the lean implementation method and steps that will be suitable to your organisation’s customer demands, environment and variables. Templates suitable to your business will be designed and developed. We also provide training and workshops tailored to your organisation, using the data and visuals from your existing practices rather than from books as it helps in better learning.

I read the case and was extremely impressed. It certainly followed all the principles that I talk about. Your vision and faith in the process, when you had not experienced it before, and leadership through very difficult times is admirable. Taking such dramatic steps into the unknown, when the viability of the company was at stake, and getting your people on board at each step, was also remarkable. It is one of the top stories of total lean enterprise transformation from sales to product development to manufacturing, to delivery that I know of.
Jeffery Liker (Author of The Toyota Way)