Stratmann Consulting was incorporated in 2005 AD. We consulted under a different name before. Mr Sanjeev Baitmangalkar with forty years of experience in Manufacturing and Industrial Marketing; over twenty five years of which have been hands on experience in implementing lean manufacturing, is well respected and reputed as a lean implementer who specialises in cultural transformations from conventional or discrete cultures to becoming lean. He leads a network of experienced Associates who are also experts in the field of implementing lean manufacturing system.

We have added value to over hundred organisations both in India and abroad. These companies span over thirty different and very diverse industry segments. Our ability to help such a diverse industry portfolio comes not merely from our deep understanding of lean philosophy and principles, but more importantly from the experience of having physically transformed conventional running organisations to successfully becoming lean. Published case studies and industry acknowledgement bear testimony.

We design the lean journey specific to our clients businesses, and our methods are different to convention. That is why working with us gives our clients the success they desire.


mong the many commendations we have received are:

I read the case and was extremely impressed. It certainly followed all the principles that I talk about. Your vision and faith in the process, when you had not experienced it before, and leadership through very difficult times is admirable. Taking such dramatic steps into the unknown, when the viability of the company was at stake, and getting your people on board at each step, was also remarkable. It is one of the top stories of total lean enterprise transformation from sales to product development to manufacturing, to delivery that I know of.
Best,Jeffery Liker (Author of The Toyota Way, Liker Lean Advisors, Lean Leadership Institute)
I was finally able to read your case study. An impressive story! Very different from the couple of Plants I was able to see during the course of my visit.
Best wishesMichael Bremer (Executive Director Chicagoland Lean Enterprise Consortium The Cumberland Group and Author)