Sanjeev Baitmangalkar

After forty years of Core Competence in Strategy and Management, Lean Manufacturing, Innovation, Industrial Marketing, Business Process Reengineering, Turnarounds, developing leaders etc. and successfully running large organisations in India and abroad, you can’t miss the passion that oozes out when you talk or hear him talk about Lean Manufacturing, Innovation, Strategy and leadership. He has even done similar work years before books such as Blue Ocean Strategy, Bottom of the Pyramid, and Good to Great, Built to Last etc. were published.

He was among the pioneers who introduced ‘Lean Manufacturing’ in India in the early 1990’s and is credited for successful complete lean enterprise transformation of Mysore Kirloskar’s (MKL) Hubli factory as India’s first full and comprehensive lean factory! Commended by Jeffery Liker (author, The Toyota Way) among many as “one of the TOP total lean enterprise turnarounds …”

Taking over the reign from Americans and turning around the Bridgeport Joint Venture in South East Asia brought the President, Ministers and Ambassadors visit to see it. Many scores of organisations have since been advantaged with his association. His work has been used in teaching Operations and Strategic Management at IIM Ahmedabad and other such institutions.

There are many benchmarks in manufacturing set by him that remain to be bettered even today. The Stirling University in UK scripted his remarkable success in a case study ‘The Turnaround Turnmaster.’ The book ‘Lean and Agile Supply Chains’ carries another title ‘Lean, the success story’, besides others such as ‘Changing the Course’ etc. are visible on electronic media.

He has worked a professional career over the last forty years that includes the roles as Managing Director of Roots Multiclean Ltd a German joint venture with Hako Werke; Director and CEO of Texmaco in South East Asia; and as Vice President and SBU Head of Mysore Kirloskar. He has a vast background in strategy, operations, lean manufacturing, innovation, industrial marketing, Machine Tools, leadership development etc.

He is the Principal Consultant of Stratmann Consulting. Today he is a sought after Consultant, trainer and speaker in India & abroad. He is an active contributor to many journals and publications on various management subjects; some of which are visible on his website company