We specialize in helping our clients in the successful end to end implementation of the Lean Manufacturing System and are with you every step of the way. There is no single template that can be used or applied to all industries or businesses while implementing Lean, and template based solutions are bound to fail as they do not account for characteristics unique to your business. We tailor the lean journey for each company taking into account its customer demands, environmental factors, leadership commitment, competence levels and skills within the organisation and the supply chain. We do not limit lean implementation to merely the shop floor area; but go beyond to include the customer-company interface, the leadership, human resource processes and employee motivation and involvement.

Two differentiating factors we bring to our clients advantage are:

  1. The experience of having led physical ‘total lean enterprise transformations’ in India and abroad from the CEO’s chair. The perspective of a CEO implementer is all encompassing (end to end) and not limited to either just tools or a partial process. Our rich experience of the journey’s across geographies and cultures can reduce potential errors and failures in our clients’ journey making the process quicker thus advantaging them.
  2. Our deep understanding and practice of lean thinking philosophies and principles has enabled us to work across over two dozen different industry segments as diverse as from Auto to life style products, Steel to floriculture, or Machine Tools to food processing! Today there is hardly any process that we can not transform to lean.

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Some results that we have helped our clients achieve:

  • Reduced all forms of Wastes (industries – manufacturing, process etc.)
  • Vastly improved Value Addition and VA Ratios
  • Cut down order to delivery times by 40 – 80 %
  • Reduced different lead times by 30 – 80%
  • Cut down inventory by 40 – 75%
  • Performing at above 99% on-time delivery
  • Quality improvement above 90% of previous levels
  • Reducing floor space usage by 20 – 40%
  • Overall Cost reduction 10 – 40%
  • Upping the profitability
  • No significant addition in manpower, instead better utilisation
  • Orderly work place, motivated work force
  • Imbibed culture of continuous learning
  • Reduction of customer complaints (external & internal)
  • Motivated employees
  • Delighted Customers
  • And much more…


Contact us for your training needs in the following areas:

  1. Training on the lean manufacturing system
  2. How to build the lean culture across the organisation
  3. Training on Lean Tools
  4. Company specific training and workshops on lean manufacturing
  5. Industry seminars and workshops
  6. International seminars and workshops
  7. Training on Leadership qualities
  8. Training on Teamwork and team building
  9. World Class Manufacturing
  10. Industrial Marketing


Contact us for assistance in the following areas:

  1. Implementation of the lean manufacturing system (end to end)
  2. Strategy formulation, implementation and management
  3. Turnaround and Business Process Re-engineering
  4. Industrial Marketing
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Leadership development
  7. Innovation and Disruption
  8. Product development