Forget talent, embrace deliberate practice

Managements believe that people’s talents are what turns them into world-class performers. But, in fact, talent has virtually nothing to do with performance. True world-class performance is built over a long period of time using deliberate practice, i.e., practicing the critical routines of what is necessary to develop a skill with laser-sharp focus repeatedly and getting quality feedback. Toyota recruits … Read More

Cracking the Lean Code

It is four decades since University Professors and Researchers have been studying Toyota and trying to understand what they do and how. Toyota was the mother of ‘Efficiency Innovation’ yet contributing to economy, growth and jobs. Today those studies have been documented into books. The mistake most make is in trying to copy the templates and hence fail, whereas what … Read More

The Delusion about Value Stream Map

Leading India’s first total lean enterprise transformation back in the early 1990’s we often huddled on the shop floor to discuss layout changes to improve flow and pace production while answering variable demand (pull). We had no coach teaching us then nor were there seminars or tool trainers. Sometimes I wonder whether we were lucky not to have had partially … Read More

The CEO needs to be good with Lean

Give Lean implementation the status of your company’s number one strategic intent, lead it from the top and see it succeed! A CEO with deep commitment to lean thinking and lean practice stands the best chance of leading his organisation to becoming ‘truly lean’ and explore even greater possibilities. CEO’s who have developed traditional management styles and interact with such … Read More

Guest Editorial in Efficient Manufacturing, March 2018

Indian manufacturing organisations should aspire to build the brand tag ‘Made in India’ as a value offering. This will mean building core competence values like reliability, safety, value for money, dependability, and appeal; and this is possible by building the business processes aligned to lean thinking and lean principles. Lean manufacturing companies work using the principle of PULL. Others work … Read More

How Long Does a Turnaround Take?

sanjeev lean manufacturing

I could say ‘another testimonial’ (zoom to read), but the thing that makes this special is it was given to me on 26th January the day when the highest gallantry award winners receive their citations from the President of India! Humbled to receive this one. Early 2017 I was called in to assist a great group fix one of their … Read More

Who Should Run Your Factory

Once the Sales Manager had converted the customer order into a Visual Signaling Card at Mysore Kirloskar Hubli factory and placed it in its location on the assembly line, the entire execution thereafter was completely handled and controlled by the workmen. The production and procurement processes did not need the involvement of any supervision or managing, thereby leaving the Supervisors … Read More

VSM and profitability

VSM and profitability

Does VSM (Value Stream Map) maximise profitability? If it did, would that be the only lean tool most companies would use? Have those organisations that have used the VSM tool maximised their profits? Are there factors other than VSM that impact profitability? Have VSM’s in many places become more of wall papers? Why? Is VSM by itself sufficient to maximise … Read More

Disrupt Yourself

Eighteen years ago I had the most enviable job. Yes! Back then many people wanted my job because it had everything that anyone in a job would want (except my salary) – success, rich cash flow, profitable, successful JIT implementation, India’s first full and comprehensive lean transformation, vibrant factory highly productive, highly motivated workmen and staff, market leader, competition reduced … Read More